Broad appeal to clearly defined & understood customer segments

  • Venue features & brand positioning have been developed to appeal to broad segments ranging from pre-school children, families & young adults, to schools & corporate groups.

Highly systemised programs ensure venues are busy on weekdays

Structured programs have been developed for each customer segment with built in progression that encourages ongoing usage habits & loyalty. Competitor alternatives lack segmentation & program sophistication & consequently have significantly lower occupancy during weekdays.


Accredited development program for kids aged 3-5, focussed on building skills & confidence for an active life.


Accredited program developed specifically for primary & secondary school groups, covering physical & social development as well as structured team building.


A suite of structured high intensity, low-impact exercise classes for a range of skill levels & fitness objectives.

Groups & Events

Flexible program packages & structures to meet the specific objectives of schools, corporates, clubs & group special occasions

Flight Academy

A series of structured coaching classes covering trampoline skills & tricks, in a program format catering for all skill levels.


An amazing hosted party experience for kids of all ages which sets global benchmarks for customer engagement & satisfaction, built on highly systemised processes to drive significant business revenue.

Our unique BOUNCE culture delivers exceptional customer experience

Brand & Culture

Our Brand & Culture Ecosystem is built around an obsession with delivering world’s best customer service

Full Codification

The full codification of our Ecosystem allows international licensees to create, manage & monitor powerful drivers of customer loyalty that are often regarded as intangible


This Ecosystem has a proven capacity to attract & inspire exceptional young people, to consistently achieve world’s best practice customer satisfaction


Consistently high customer & staff satisfaction levels deliver consistent business performance across the diverse markets & cultures that BOUNCE operates in

There is something very special in the power of this brand and culture that I have not seen in 20 years of marketing. We followed the formula and have watched BOUNCE become a premium household brand throughout Sweden before we even opened the first venue. Incredible

Daniel DersenLicence Partner & CEO, Scandinavia

The depth and rigour around program development allows for simple implementation from promotion and marketing campaigns through to the delivery of the in-venue customer experience

Shaun StrydomLicence Partner & CEO, South Africa

The level and quality of training, support and systemisation allowed us to seamlessly launch the venue and position the brand in our very competitive market

Simon OgilvieLicence Partner & CEO, Singapore

When our first venue paid itself back within five months we knew this was a powerful model. Three years on, the ongoing returns have inspired our confidence in pursuing an exciting roll-out throughout the Middle East

Ross MiltonLicence Partner & CEO, Middle East