Our Support and offers for our clients the peice of mind they deserve.


Our global People, Culture and Training team thoroughly train licence partner teams in every aspect of the business operations from recruitment and induction, to brand management, marketing campaign execution and everything in between.


After the initial training, there are regular conference calls between respective department leads in Global HQ and your local HQ plus in person reviews and ongoing coaching during regular visits to your country.


The BOUNCE Global Conference is an annual forum dedicated to best practice sharing, system and information updates and leveraging the collective IP within the global network.


Every part of the BOUNCE business system has been fully codified with manuals and tools regularly updated and shared via our global intranet.

Stronger support

“The level and quality of training, support and systemisation allowed us to seamlessly launch the venue and position the brand in our very competitive market”.

Simon Ogilvy
Licence Partner & CEO

BOUNCE has a dedicated Innovation Team focused exclusively on maintaining our position as the front-runner, market leader and game changer. The innovation mandate is guided by the BOUNCE vision and has never been limited to improvements and enhancements of the trampoline-based offer. We work collaboratively with partners to ensure the customer offer resonates locally, and can also produce localised innovation to meet specific market dynamics.

Enhancing the free-jumping experience with the addition and evolution of vaults and jump-boxes to allow for progression and freestyle expression. Includes slam dunk, high performance, wall running, dodgeball, airbags, supertramps, and freejumping arena.

An Adventure Challenge Course providing public accessibility to popular Ninja Warrior concept and the innate appeal of obstacle courses that encourage progression and competition.

BOUNCE FreeRun is one of the world’s leading indoor Parkour facilities. FreeRun caters to elite practitioners, as well as providing mass-market accessibility to the wave of beginners flocking to this emerging sport.

Entry level to intermediate climbing features that facilitate safe access to the joys of climbing with built in competition timing mechanisms to enhance appeal.