Venue features and brand positioning have been developed to appeal to broad segments ranging from pre-school children, families and young adults, to schools and corporate groups.

Structured programs have been developed for each customer segment with built in progression that encourages ongoing usage habits and loyalty. Competitor alternatives lack segmentation and program sophistication and consequently have significantly lower occupancy during weekdays.

Accredited development program for kids aged 3-5, focussed on building skills & confidence for an active life.

Accredited program developed specifically for primary and secondary schools groups, covering physical and social development outcomes, lesson plans and structured team building

A suite of structured high intensity, low-impact exercise classes for a range of skill levels and fitness objectives.

Flexible program packages and structures to meet the specific objectives of schools, corporates, clubs and group special occasions

Trampoline coaching classes covering trampoline skills & tricks in a program format for all skill levels.

Highly systemised and fully hosted experience that receives worlds best practice customer feedback and drives significant and predictable business revenue.

• Our Brand & Culture System is built around an obsession with delivering worlds best customer service
• The BOUNCE culture ‘system’ has a proven capacity to attract and inspire exceptional young people to consistently achieve world’s best practice customer satisfaction outcomes
• Fully codified Brand & Culture Ecosystem allows international licensees to create, manage and monitor powerful drivers of customer loyalty that are often regarded as intangibl
• Consistently high customer and staff satisfaction levels deliver consistent business performance across the diverse markets and cultures that BOUNCE operates.