Frequently Asked Questions

What does being a licensee entail?

When you are appointed as a BOUNCE Licensee, you have the exclusive rights to open an agreed number of BOUNCE venues over an agreed time frame in a given market.

As the Licensee, you will be required to own and operate multiple venues.

The Licensee will be required to establish significant infrastructure to support the venue network, including Marketing, Design & Development, IT, HR and Finance functions.

What is the license fee?

The initial cost of a BOUNCE licence varies significantly between countries, depending on variables such as the size of each market and therefore the development schedule. The Licence Fee is discussed in detail with the preferred Licensee for each market once they have been identified.

Do I have to pay ongoing fees?

The Licence Fee is calculated on the minimum number of venues to be opened in a given territory. The number of venues and the timeframe in which these are to be opened is referred to as the Development Schedule and is mutually agreed by both BOUNCE and the Licensee.

If the Licensee opts to open venues in addition to the initial development schedule, a fee will be payable on the opening of each additional venue. This fee is again determined in consideration of the size of the market.

What is the ongoing royalty fee?

Again, the value of the on-going royalty fee varies between markets, primarily based on the size of the market and the different market dynamics. The Licence Fee is discussed in detail with the preferred Licensee for each market once they have been identified.

What is the ongoing marketing levy?

The Marketing Levy is 2% of gross monthly turnover for the territory and is to be spent on marketing investment in the Bounce brand.

What are the venue establishment costs?

The cost to establish a venue in Australia is approximately USD$1.8M – USD$2M. This includes the design, fit-out, signage and all equipment. The cost for similar-sized venues outside Australia is dependent on variables such as the cost of materials and labour, however assuming a similar sized venue, the establishment costs should be less given the relative high labour and building costs in Australia.

What training is provided?

The Management team and staff of the Licensee are required to complete a minimum training program prior to opening their first venue. The majority of this training is conducted in Australia, while a Deployment Team will assist you in the local market to open your first venue.

What ongoing training & support is provided?

There will be a minimum of 1 trip to the local marketplace by senior BOUNCE representatives each year. The Licensee will have access to all the divisions of BOUNCE to support their ongoing needs including Finance, Design, Development & Maintenance, Marketing, Operations, HR and IT.

Can I obtain a license for just one venue?

BOUNCE does not grant single venue licenses.

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Shaun Strydom
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South Africa