• Health and wellbeing
• Progression and development
• Sociability
• ‘Adventure Challenge’ in a controlled and safe environment
• Emerging mainstream appeal of adrenaline sports

• BOUNCE operates in more countries than any of its competitors
• BOUNCE has more venues outside its home country than any of it’s competitors
• BOUNCE works with license partners to localise its offer and optimise its proven model for maximum local adoption

Social Media Statistics

• Circa 1,000,000 global Facebook fans accross international network
• 64% of total industry engagement • 150,000+ active global Instagram fans
• World’s best engagement scores of over 10%

By the end of 2017 BOUNCE will operate more than 30 venues across 15 countries.

Live the Dream

“The depth and rigour around program development allows for simple implementation from promotion and marketing campaigns through to the delivery of the in-venue customer experience”.

Shaun Strydom
Licence Partner & CEO
South Africa